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 Walton Cemetery (Fife Lake, MI)

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PostSubject: Walton Cemetery (Fife Lake, MI)   Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:03 pm

"This is a small cemetary located just south of Fife Lake in the Fife Lake State Forrest just off of US131 south of the MI113 turn off. It is said that late on warm summer nights a ghostly apperation appears and glides through the cemetary. The specter is said to belong to a teenager that died in the thirties some where near the cemetary but has yet to be descovered. I have seen something in that cemetary but it could have been a mist or fog rolling in. A search of the area netted us nothing but if you consider the area North from The Manistee River to Fife Lake and west from Headquarters lake to Camp Pugsley there is a lot of territory."


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Walton Cemetery (Fife Lake, MI)
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