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 Mt. Pleasant Center (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

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PostSubject: Mt. Pleasant Center (Mt. Pleasant, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:19 pm

"This building used to be one of the most used State Mental hospitals for the criminally insane. There they would house people that would range from serial killers to rapists, but no matter the crime they were there for good...And they deserved to be. This place was never fenced in, didn`t have electrical locking doors, and even let their patients wander freely on the grounds. Consequently many escaped. Nowadays the place is shut down. Too many people escaped and horrible things happened towards it`s end. Such things like an orderly living in the houses provided for them just a few hundred feet away from the hospital was subject to the torture of one of the patients. She was raped and killed. Several of the escaped patients would harm civilians or stalk them....And finally the city of Mt. Pleasant closed down this hell hole. Hardly any information can be found on it now. It`s really a very closed and touchy subject...but if you travers on the grounds, you`ll find many disturbing things. Blood stains on the floors of the hospital, the yard for the children (eerie in and of itself becaue they housed children next to criminals)and even in broad daylight you can see and FEEL the presence of these spirits. There`s a chain on the wall of one of the buildings that`s completly sealed off....this is where they would chain like dogs the patients they didn`t want wandering off more than the others...The place itself is imposing to visit let alone when the ghosts come out at night.There is a little girl who sits on the first floor where all the chains were she had a dog following her.its really creepy and sad that she is there. Their moaning and wailing can be heard and their forms can be seen....also inside the buling you can find murrals of disturbing pictures. on the far wall on the first floor there is a murral of the udjat (devils eye) and it says i see all on the left and on the right it says i see you. above this eye and below a star with a circle around it is burnt through with some type of runes writting.(There are police that regularly patrol the grounds warding off college kids and protecting the other buildings on the property still running, but the state mental wards are closed)"


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Mt. Pleasant Center (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
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