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 Gray's Furniture Appliance & TV (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

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PostSubject: Gray's Furniture Appliance & TV (Mt. Pleasant, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:21 pm

"Gray's is a 3 story plus basement store that sells anything from TV's and Microwaves to Bedroom Sets and living room sets. The place used to hold a few different things from a dance hall and a movie theater to a mortuary in the back of the middle floor. There is a lot of things about this place that gets me still, even if not a lot of people have had a thing here. When i go there, i tend to go with my mother because she can pick them up as well. Anyways, to start in the basement there in the back near the area that they have for repare, to me at least there is a rather heavy impression back there, the feeling of something thick is thre like a thick fog has enveloped you and makes you feel a little stuck. I have taken pictures down there and havent gotten much but there is a feeling there and it is kind of creepy feeling being down there alone. On the main floor there is the font of the place with the living room things and the TV's this is a intersting place, it looks a lot brighter then what it feels, i have taken pictures in the area and have gotten a haze over some areas. On the next floor up is the former dance hall and mortuary that have been haunted from a few different things. On the main dance floor there is a portal that is out amonest some of the couches, there is also in some of the windows because there so dirty you can sometimes see faces in the windoes when your inside and just walking around. With the dance hall there is a blalcony where the band plays. It is here that when you are up there and looking out into the main dance area you get a wierd feeling of music playing and women laughing as they talk together. In the back on that floor is the old mortuary where they have the matreses. In the corner up on the ceeling is where the old care taker sometimes sits and watches over people as they are there. On the last floor up is the old movie theater that in the olden days was just a projection. There is another portal in the main area and a rather negative ghost that lives there along with a young very scared girl that might have meet her fate there. As you are walking up the stairs to the top floor that is the movie theater it is very dizzing, i have many times have had to hold onto the wall to go up because i get really dizzy and sick from it. Once up there in some rooms it is a very negative thing, I have snuck into some of the back rooms up there for pictures and have gotten some orbs and other things. I like going to this place there is a lot there. I just hope to do more to find out more about this place. Oh it is a actualy buisness there so i have only been there during working hours, i plan on asking to stay at night there one night and find out more. "


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Gray's Furniture Appliance & TV (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
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