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 Putnam District Library (Nashville, MI)

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PostSubject: Putnam District Library (Nashville, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:27 pm

"Mr. Putnam had TB so he took himself out in the carriage house and shot himself in the chest and in the head and survived. The next day around 4:00 o`clock he was dead. The next suicide case was a maid of the Putnam`s that had an affair with the nephew of the Putnam`s but he totally denied doing that with her and later when she found out she was pregnant at 16 she took the nephew`s gun and shot herself. When Mrs. Putnam had her only children they were twins but the day after they were born they died. Today they say the Maid, Mrs. Putnam, and Mr. Putnam still live hear and guard the place. They also used to hold funerals here."


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Putnam District Library (Nashville, MI)
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