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 New Hudson Inn (New Hudson, MI)

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PostSubject: New Hudson Inn (New Hudson, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:32 pm

"The New Hudson Inn located in Southern Michigan at the intersection of Grand River Ave, Pontiac Trail, Milford Road just a half mile from I-96 expressway. The Inn started out as a Stagecoach Stop between Detroit and Lansing. That would have been in 1831. In the past and as of today there are people that drink there from morning till night so it is only reasonable that when they pass over they would continue visiting their favorite bar. And there are always the lost soles from traffic accidents a few feet away at the intersection. Just last week there was another fatal out front.

A few years back I was a regular stopping in once every week or so, I always set at the bar if there was a seat available and got to know the bartenders, it was in talking them I learned of the noise of steps and things dropping that came from the closed second floor and in the bar area the dark shadows moving when there was no customers in the building.

It may have been around ten years ago that they had a man check out the building. But before I learned of the findings the bartender departed for parts unknown and shortly after that the building sold once again. The last bartender I befriended told me some of the same stories: I became a friend and was allowed to stay in the bar while they restocked for the day shift etc. One evening I did catch a movement out the corner of my eye, and there was no one in that area, but I never heard sounds from the second floor, it should be noted that none of the bartenders would stay alone at closing time. I did ask about orbs on one occasion, and she said like these, oh well I will keep that for an update……. "


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New Hudson Inn (New Hudson, MI)
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