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 Bond Street Cemetery (Niles, MI)

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Michigan G Hunters
Michigan G Hunters

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PostSubject: Bond Street Cemetery (Niles, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:44 pm

"The bond street family cemetery is across the road. A little boy who lived with his parents in the mansion died of fright in the 1800`s after his bedside candle was blown out by a draft in the middle of the night. He is buried in a tomb in the cemetery. It is said that his mother had an underground pathway built under the road to her son`s tomb and she would visit the tomb every night. They say to this day, you can see the woman`s ghost walk across the road and weep at her son`s grave and every night a mysterious light will shine in the upstairs bedroom window and then suddenly go out."


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Bond Street Cemetery (Niles, MI)
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