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 Johnson Cemetery (Niles, MI)

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Johnson Cemetery (Niles, MI) Empty
PostSubject: Johnson Cemetery (Niles, MI)   Johnson Cemetery (Niles, MI) I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 12:45 pm

"I recently went with my son and a couple of his friends out to the cemetery around midnight and took about 50 pictures in the cemetery. We captured all kind of orbs mainly yellow orange blue and clear ones. They were all over the place counted 12 orbs in one photo. We also saw a mist but have not found it on our pictures. After downloading the pictures to my computer I zoomed in on each orb to see some amazing faces animal human and demonic. One orb(blue) with out ? has either a dog or wolf staring right at you. Some orbs had multible faces and eyes.We also found a half of a ghost standing by a tree staring at us. We also found 2 orbs coming up out of the ground that had skulls attached to bodies. Almost looks like he is rising out of his grave. One of them you can see his fingertips.Also caught a strange light at the bottom right corner of a tombstone when you zoom in you can see a full face looking up at our direction very spooky. This cemetery gave us things we never expected. I have had people come over to see the pics up close and they are all amaized at what they were seeing. Some were very freak out by this and told me not to show them anymore pictures. The cemetery dates over 200 plus years old. Some civil war vets is known to be one of the first cemeterys to the first settlers in the niles area. we were only there maybe a half an hour we plan on going back soon and staying longer the next time.It is located on old US 31 going north from niles just past M 140 about a 1/4 mile on your right if you have gone to ullary rd you went to far and past it. Very dark creeepy cemetery. There is no hours posted and the gate is wide opened and not lock. If you love colurful orbs with faces in them you will love this place, is a must see. Let me know and post your experience there please."


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Johnson Cemetery (Niles, MI)
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