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 Shiro`s (Novi, MI)

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Michigan G Hunters

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PostSubject: Shiro`s (Novi, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:54 pm

"Formerly Home Sweet Home A couple from the early 1800`s is said to haunt their once home. There is a 12ft oak banister right in the doorway where the man is said to appear. Also strange noises in the bathroom and dining areas. Although it is used as a restaurant, nobody ventures into the attic where lights and other sightings have been witnessed. When standing/parked directly facing the front of the house, in the attic window on the right side of the house witnesses have seen the face of a man. He looked like he was wearing a blue war outfit (with big silver buttons.) He has reddish brown hair and a thin beard. (We took a flashlight with us on the night we saw him.)The building is located at 9and Novi road, yet it can`t seem to stay open for business. November 2003 Update: The ghost believed to be haunting the place is actually in a painting that was placed over the window to patch a break in the pane. And the picture is believed to be the “ghost” seen."


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Shiro`s (Novi, MI)
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