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 Abandoned House (Perry, MI)

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Michigan G Hunters

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Abandoned House (Perry, MI) Empty
PostSubject: Abandoned House (Perry, MI)   Abandoned House (Perry, MI) I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 2:02 pm

"There is an old abandoned house down church road just a little outside of perry on your way to owosso. to get there you turn left on church after crossing over the highway and travel about a half a mile (Don't quote me, i'm not sure) This house is a very strange place. it looks like an old dilapidated farm house but it's as if all the people there just up and left. there is an old time stove and refrigerator on the kitchen and shoes all over the place everywhere. The basement has a rope going down into it and it's an old dirt floor michigan basement. in this basement are old bottles and such, again as if people left in a hurry. you move on the the "living room" and the floor has sank in (I didn't walk into it) but there is a stairway that if you're good on your feet you can walk up a few of the rotted stairs and look upstairs. the floor in the upstairs looks completely rotted through and there are 2 rooms that i was able to see. the farthest room was pitch black as if the windows were all boarded up from the inside (and upon inspection of the outside, they were) the second bedroom, closest to the stairs the door was shut and had mold growing all over it as many abandoned houses do. but the room at the end of the hall, i swear i saw glowing eyes standing at either a short man or small child's level, set too far apart for most animals i could think of. i called a friend to come look at it and when i looked back they were gone.
Further inspection of the property revealed a pole barn or just large barn in the back yard, with many old farm tools and fence posts just left there in piles and things. My wife and i wandered around the larger field, i wouldn't go into the shed because i swear i could hear something saying "Get out" repeatedly in a very stern voice. Being an empath, i'm very sensitive to my feelings and i usually trust them in where not to go. shortly after i heard these, we decided to leave. and i got the impression of someone from the boarded up window looking at me. littered around the property are old mason jars and bottles of what seemed to be home made i was thinking maybe bootleggers. whatever it is...there is something wrong with that house.
Should you venture out there, be warned. there is a family living in the house across the street. they don't seem to mind during the day, but i myself don't dare visit at night without asking them. the seemed pretty open to it, because the property wasn't theirs. They just didn't want people wandering around like burglars."


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Abandoned House (Perry, MI)
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