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 Presque Isle Lighthouse (Presque Isle, MI)

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Presque Isle Lighthouse (Presque Isle, MI) Empty
PostSubject: Presque Isle Lighthouse (Presque Isle, MI)   Presque Isle Lighthouse (Presque Isle, MI) I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 2:22 pm

"Built in 1840, Said to be haunted by the ghost of George Parris, the former lighthouse keeper. The lighthouse is now abandoned, yet an amber light is occasionally seen still flashing from the tower. George and Lorraine Parris moved into the small house attached to the lighthouse in 1977, where they looked after the grounds and provided tours to vacationers. The lighthouse was actually taken out of service in 1870, but it wasn`t until 1979 that George and the Coast Guard removed the wiring. Yet after George died in 1991, the mystery light began to appear. "I knew right away that it was George," said his widow, who continued the caretaker duties alone. "He used to cook breakfast for me in the morning. Bacon and eggs. There were many mornings when I`d wake up to the smell of breakfast, but naturally no one was there. I knew that it was him." According to one story, a little girl touring the lighthouse with her family had climbed to the top of the tower and returned giggling. When asked who she had been talking to up there, she said, "To the man in the tower." She later identified the man as George Parris from a portrait of him in the cottage."


The true story involves an elderly couple who were caretakers of the lighthouse, and how the husband tried for years to get the light in the lighthouse working. Before he could get it to work, the husband died leaving his wife a widow. She almost moved out until the light started working. She then knew her husband was still there. And as the story goes, every night about ten o'clock the light works and then slowly dims. The husband finally makes the light work every night.


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Presque Isle Lighthouse (Presque Isle, MI)
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