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 Dice Road (Saginaw, MI)

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Michigan G Hunters
Michigan G Hunters

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PostSubject: Dice Road (Saginaw, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:48 pm

"A warlock is said to have hung three girls from the bridge after they stepped on his wife`s grave. The grave is in the warlock`s front yard near the bridge. Late at night, at the bridge, you can hear male and female voices. The female voices are screams. Visions of objects moving and things such as ropes being tossed over the side rail, which is where the girls were hanged. A white car is often said to be following people when they are driving down the road. Waves of smoke are also seen while driving away. There is also a graveyard down the street."


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Dice Road (Saginaw, MI)
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