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 White River Light Station (Whitehall, MI)

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PostSubject: White River Light Station (Whitehall, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:17 pm

"Built in 1876, They say the ghost of White River`s first lighthouse keeper, Captain William Robinson, still haunts the structure. He lived there for 47 years with his wife Sara, where they raised their 11 children. When he reached retirement age, his son was appointed keeper, but the Captain refused to leave, keeping up with his daily duties well into his 80s. At 87 he was finally being forced to vacate the lighthouse, and on the evening before he was to leave, he died in his sleep. Those who know the lighthouse well say that the ghosts of the Captain and his wife both haunt the place. In his later years, Captain Robinson walked with a cane, the the distinctive sound of his footsteps and thumping cane still can be heard making his rounds late at night. His wife Sara occasionally leaves signs that she is helping to keep the place tidy."


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White River Light Station (Whitehall, MI)
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