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 Garden of Hope Cemetery (Gautier. MS)

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Garden of Hope Cemetery (Gautier. MS) Empty
PostSubject: Garden of Hope Cemetery (Gautier. MS)   Garden of Hope Cemetery (Gautier. MS) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2010 7:11 pm

"A lone tomb dating back to the late 1970's. Along the far side of the cemetery, there is one Haunted New Orleans style tomb, buried in it or mother, father and five children all of whom were murdered one rainy night. It has been reported that these murdered children have been seen playing among the tombstones.

Particularly a young lost ghost girl named Cheryl Ann the daughter of Hal and Susan who are buried in the large tomb. She wears a blue 1960's style dress, and appears to be 10-12 years old. She will walk up to you smile and introduce herself ask if you are here to see someone special... She will follow you around and even help you find a particular grave. hold your hand even offer to carry your flowers and place them for you at the grave....then she just simply she is gone. An EVP of Cheryl Ann is said to say " Hope you'll come back and see me soon." She has been photographed many times and always appears real and solid as anyone alive.

Other ghost haunt this small Cemetery. There has been often seen a man who climbs out of his grave and steals flowers and wreaths from other graves and carries them back to his own. One story relates that he accosted a mourner at a funeral to take a bouquet from her hands and when investigating where they were found the woman recognized the photo on his tombstone telling the Cemetery worker that is the man that took them!

Another well known ghost is that of who they call bloody Sarah, Sarah is a ghost of a Middle aged woman with bright red hair. Often she is seen wearing house coat cover with blood and fluffy white bedroom slippers. Sarah is said to run out before cars on the highway from the cemetery gates in broad daylight. Quite often a started driver thinks he has hit a real live person. She can be heard laughing insanely as they get out of their car to investigate, and of course find they have run over a ghost.

A few ghost Photos of this haunted Mississippi Cemetery from Ghost investigators have shown many orbs. and a few have captured what they call the red Cemetery ghost light. This light is said to hover over the tombs then fly high into the sky then dive down fast and chase you from the graveyard if you dare enter it at night.

Some tell the tale of a Mississippi werewolf that is buried here. They say you can hear him howl from his chained and cemented coffin in the earth on a full moon night. Always trying to get out he lies there neither dead or alive. at other times the muffled calls for help can be heard if you are near his grave.

The only New Orleans style tomb of it's kind in this cemetery. The Remains of Hal his wife Susan and their 5 children entombed in this small roadside Mississippi Cemetery. Many say Hal haunts the cemetery looking for the children and his wife. But the story of why he haunts it may chill you to the bone. (Please read the whole story here. Back in the early 1970's a family checked in but did they ever really check out. This Gruesome story still haunts a Mississippi community to this day.) Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.


Other ghost here in this Mississippi Haunted Cemetery or that of Gus a lone grave digger who still tries to help intern the dead. Very often seen by workers and locals who knew him. He always appears with a smile on his face and dirty hands and knees. He can be often seen leaving the cemetery each day at 5 and walking down the highway where he was killed. He glares at strangers but waves at locals and the people who knew him. Gus has been haunting the Cemetery roads since 1965 and hasn't stopped yet. He is often known to hitchhike and when picked up by a car or truck driver in the early evening hours, He tells the driver " You Know, this is where I died," then he just disappears.

Another cemetery ghost here is that of Joanna, she is a horrid specter that haunts the cemetery at night. they say one dark night she followed her husband here to find him in a torrid secret love affair. They say she murdered her husband and his lover then shot her brains out just inside the front gate. Many say she will chase you and even hit you. many say they have felt the blows quite solid."


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Garden of Hope Cemetery (Gautier. MS)
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