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 Greenwood Cemetery (Decatur, IL)

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Greenwood Cemetery (Decatur, IL) Empty
PostSubject: Greenwood Cemetery (Decatur, IL)   Greenwood Cemetery (Decatur, IL) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2010 7:20 pm

"Long believed to be one of the most haunted spots in downstate Illinois (if not the Haunted Midwest), Haunted Greenwood Cemetery is filled with legends and stories of ghosts and haunted paranormal experiences that they say defy explanation. Among them are the ghost of a young small boy who has been seen walking among the graves. Many investigators say he limps and is wearing torn to big for him overalls. At times very angry and he will throw things at you some say he will run up to you and try to knock you down. One well known writer, Paranormal Investigator states, he and his wife were both punched very hard by him twice, And has the photo of a ghost fist mark on his face. Michael is what he is called. Many a person tells of the times they say Michael has appeared near the cemetery gates and flung rocks at passing cars. And many drivers they have the shattered windshields to prove it.

Many ghostly spectral lights have been witnessed, that are said to be the spirits of flood victims. And the specter of a little girl carrying a small doll is often seen hiding behind a headstone weeping. Maggie Jane, she is called will actually follow you and wave goodbye as you leave. She is Known to remove flowers from others graves and place them on her own. Investigators in recent months say they bring flowers ,candy and toys and leave them on her grave. And in a remarkable recent EVP they say you can hear her say " Thank you!" and giggle. Yes and as clear as an actual person would sound. Maggie Jane is said to like babies. One tale tells that a mourner brought her young child to the cemetery with her and her family. Suddenly this little girl just showed up and wanted to hold the baby and play with the 10 month old. The young mother of the child even asked Maggie her name. when ready to leave the cemetery the young mother asked her where are you parents. Maggie said to her, "Well, they don't come to my grave in a long time." The startled young woman just turned and ran.

Lost ghost Confederate soldiers who were buried here in unmarked graves after being taken from a derailed prison train are said to walk the cemetery day and night. Many have been said to be seen hiding along the road and behind tombstones with bloodied gray clothes no shoes and large heavy chains seen on their ankles.

A great old witch is said to be buried here. Hilda is said to haunt the cemetery and if a young married girl wants to give birth to a son they say she should bring red roses to her grave. And if she wants to have a girl she should bring candy and place it on her grave. One tale of Hilda tells how she will chase people out of the cemetery after dark. and she has been known to throw things at people. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk."


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Greenwood Cemetery (Decatur, IL)
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