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 Haunted Salem Cemetery Salem Ridge Road (Hendrysburg, OH)

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Haunted Salem Cemetery Salem Ridge Road (Hendrysburg, OH) Empty
PostSubject: Haunted Salem Cemetery Salem Ridge Road (Hendrysburg, OH)   Haunted Salem Cemetery Salem Ridge Road (Hendrysburg, OH) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2010 7:29 pm

"Salem Cemetery is also known as Salem Church and Salem Methodist Episcopal Cemetery. The Salem Methodist Episcopal Church was located across the road from the cemetery until it burned down in the 1960s. There are lots of old gravestones, and it is growing since it is still an active cemetery. It is extremely well taken care of by the Kirkwood Township Trustees.

Salem Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Louiza Catharine Fox, the first person murdered in Kirkwood Township. She is buried at Salem Cemetery, her gravestone is located at the bottom of the hill in the older section of the cemetery near a creepy old tree.

Many people have claimed to see Louiza weeping at her grave. She also haunts her murder site. Although the ghost of Louiza Catharine Fox is the most popular haunting at this cemetery, there are also a few other stories. One legend has it that if you walk around the outside of the cemetery six times you will disappear. There are also stories about several old, unmarked graves that belong to witches. The ghost of one witch is said to help reunite broken hearted lovers if an apple is placed on her grave. The other will help you gain quick cash if you sprinkle pennies and sugar water over her head stone. And the last will curse you if you do not bring her sweet chocolates.

Many people claim to see packs of large black and red ghost dogs, hell hounds or devil dogs, running through the Haunted Cemetery area. You can supposedly hear them growling and howling. Others say they guard the many cemeteries in the area from letting the ghost escape.

One haunted Ghost story tells of alvin a lonely young man around 39 years of age who died of a broken heart.Many a tale tells he chases after young woman who visit and has been known to pinch them on the butt.

There is also the interesting haunted story of a truck driver who crashed into the cemetery, when he fell asleep at the wheel. The truck driver was not killed, but he did lose his arm. The arm now haunts this cemetery, and the nails can be heard clicking over the gravestones on quiet nights.

And finally, the last story about this Haunted Cemetery has to do with a mysterious Ghost house that appears at night in the middle of the cemetery. There are always seven red candles burning in the windows, but it disappears when people approach it. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk."


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Haunted Salem Cemetery Salem Ridge Road (Hendrysburg, OH)
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